The Golden Rose

From the land dock of Irath, you peer out into the vast openness of the Irathian Desert. The rolling dunes consume your vision. These lands were once lush with plant life, well that’s what’s said in children’s stories. The land dock is bustling today. There are four ships set to be arriving throughout the day. But, only one heading to Norann, and you have business there. The first ship arrives, it’s heading to Kurga, a few people are dropped off, and a large number of people aboard the land dock board. It’s an hour till the next ship arrives and almost immediately is followed by the third. The second ship takes on another significant number of passangers, but it’s heading to Emerald Spire, and the third drops off a regiment of soldiers, all bearing the marks of the Koln church. Four hours go by, and only a few people remain on the land dock when a ship bearing two sails breaks a sand dune and into vision. The ship pulls up to the land dock, and a man dressed in a linen trench coat, a once white scarf around his neck, brass ringed goggles and a tricorner hat with a large golden feather. He looks about the land dock and shouts with a smile,“All aboard for Norann, The Golden Rose will embark as soon as we’ve resupplied.”

The Golden Rose (Raven's Call)